Barbecue food station

Included in the price

* All the food - please see above menu
* Experienced chef - white and navy uniform
* Uniformed staff - white and navy uniform
* Cooking equipment - LPG gas fryer, LPG hobs, worktables,
* Plates - plastic or china crockery
* Napkins - navy blue disposable or pearl white linen
* Cutlery
- plastic disposable or stainless steel
* Condiments
- tomato sauce - brown sauce - mustard - relish - salt - pepper
* Service station
- outside or inside set-ups available
* Set up
- we set up and clean up
* Delivery
- everything delivered to your destination venue

Also available to hire or buy

* Table covers - White disposable or pearl white linen
* Table hire - 6ft x 2ft in size
* Glass hire - a wide range of options available
* Drinks - Alcoholic and non alcoholic range available

How does it work?

We set-up our food station/stations outside or inside your venue before your guests arrive
We prepare for service and guests arriving
Service starts at your stated time, all guests would be required to come to the food station to be served
Service ends and we clear away all the equipment

What information do you require?

Destination address including post code
Amount of guests attending
Time of guests arriving
Time for service to begin
Food stations required

More BBQ information

We have a BBQ website with more information, menus, photos and videos.
Please click on the logo below to view our BBQ site:  
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